Most of you are wondering what a nutrition coach is. A nutrition coach quite simply helps people eat the right things in the right way. It is not a dietitian, or a nutritionist. What’s the difference you may ask? A dietician differs in the sense of having a medical background which allows them to have clinical interventions. A nutritionist is a form of food scientist who can set precise guidelines or consults to individuals in the food industry.

Examples of what a Nutrition Coach does:

Helps reach basic goals such as:

Weight loss


Improve nutrition quality

Help learn how to eat (schedule and portions)


Estimate caloric needs

Teach how to read food labels

Calculate macronutrient ratios

Dispel nutrition myths and fallacies

Discuss the pros and cons of various diets

Teach the health benefits of various food groups

Evaluate eating plans and provide general guidance- meal suggestions, recipes etc.

Nutrition coaches have a deep understanding of nutrition through their studies. They are great accountability partners for clients to achieve lifestyle changes and create better, sustainable living habits.

While nutrition is most definitely a focus for nutrition coaches, there are many other factors that are taken into consideration to develop a holistic approach to helping clients- Mind, body, soul health.

Nutrition is small in the grand scheme of things. Sleep, exercise, work/life balance on top of stress management and your social environment is also crucial. By gaining information in these various areas of life, a Nutrition Coach can then develop goals and plans of actions with their clients to assist with behavior changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Grocery shopping may seem daunting, get a helping hand with this! Learn to navigate the grocery store with less anxiety by getting suggestions on the expansion of variety of your diet, and challenge yourself to shop without being pressured to look at nutrition labels. They may also be able to help with meal planning and grocery lists to ensure you’re getting adequate intake through the inspiration of new recipes.

Get help reconnecting your body. When was the last time you healthily enjoyed food? Get support in reconnecting with your body in a more positive way and exploring movement from a place of self compassion instead of self punishment. Coaches can help you reach intuitive eating principles to honor your hunger and fullness, practice acceptance and help you find activity that is enjoyable.

-Meghan Cool, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach @

Zero Doubt Club

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