8 Ways to Effectively Manage Food Cravings

Craving food is a normal human experience. According to The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, a food craving is defined as, “a strong desire to eat”. Although the definition seems simple, food cravings are actually incredibly complex and can be experienced in a number of different ways. Fighting off strong food urges is something 90% of […]

Why Use a Meal Subscription Service?

In today’s busy and high stress world, trying to eat well is an enormous challenge. We would all love to have meals that are healthy, delicious, affordable, and satisfying. But between hectic work schedules, running kids around, household chores, and the rest of our daily demands, eating well often fades to the background. Luckily, a […]

Why Meal Plan?

What is meal planning? Meal planning is preparing food in advance that will be eaten throughout the rest of the week. Meal planning has become overwhelmingly popular because it allows people to plan healthier meals and prepare dishes that are correctly portioned. This has had a positive impact on many people’s health. Meal planning will […]

Why Vegan?

For many people, the word vegan leaves a bad taste in their mouth. They either don’t know what vegan means, or they couldn’t possibly imagine a life without eating meat. The thing is, having a plant-based diet is so much more than not eating meat. So what does it mean to be vegan, what are the benefits, […]

Is Eating Flexitarian Right for You?

Have you ever wanted to go vegan or vegetarian but found yourself struggling to go all the way? The flexitarian diet may be able to help. Recognized as one of the healthiest diets to follow by U.S News & World Report, the flexitarian diet is a hybrid eating style that’s gaining popularity and helping people live healthier, happier […]

Why Is Water Important?

Did you know water is considered an essential nutrient? It seems funny since we all know water has no caloric value, yet it’s completely vital to our health and can literally be a factor between life versus death in some severe situations. So what about water is so important? What does it do for us? […]

Understanding Simple and Complex Carbs

In discussions about weight loss and well-being, a common thread is cutting carbohydrates from our diets. But it’s important to understand that not all carbs are created equal. Carbohydrates can either be simple or complex, and while too many simple carbs can derail your health goals, complex carbs are akey part of a healthy diet. […]

Getting Protein on a Plant-Based Diet

One of the biggest concerns people have about a vegan diet is where to get healthy protein without eating meat, dairy, or eggs. But the idea that plant-based eating is insufficient in protein is a total misconception. In fact, there are more than enough healthy, delicious animal-free proteins out there. Plus, many of them are […]

The Underappreciated Value of Eating at a Table

Growing up, many of us were constantly reminded by our mothers to come downstairs and eat dinner as a family. When we were 8 or 9, that might have made us roll our eyes, but it turns out, mom was onto something. The scientific benefits of sitting down for family dinner are numerous, including stronger family bonds, […]

You Probably Need More Fiber in Your Diet

When it comes to healthy eating, one critical nutrient we don’t think about nearly enough is fiber. Fiber is crucial for good digestive health, it’s key for weight loss, it helps regulate cholesterol, and can reduce your risk for a slew of diseases from diabetes to cancer and heart disease. Despite all these incredible health […]